Aims and scope of JSIAM

To step over the framework of the established sciences and to head for the creation of new sciences by the collaboration of researchers from wide and diverse fields.

JSIAM towards the 21st century

In recent days, it has become easy to obtain information from other fields due to the enhancement of information networks. As a result, in science and technology, with the increasing interaction between different fields, the so-called interdisciplinary studies or studies of the boundary domains have been developing, and multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary people, who have thorough knowledge of various fields, are becoming more and more important. To meet such changes of time, the Japan Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics was founded in April, 1990, aiming at 'mathematical sciences and engineering mathematics which contribute to the innovation of science and technology'.

We are a `cross-disciplinary' society consisting of people doing research on mathematical phenomena (in mathematics as well as in other sciences), people who apply mathematics (engineering, technology) and people who develop methods of analysis (computer science, experimental science).

With the rapid development of science and technology, many things have come out from the interaction between mathematics and the other fields. For instance, nonlinear partial differential equations and stochastic processes, which used to be objects of research in theoretical mathematics, are now being utilized as powerful tools for image processing, as the nature of their solutions have become unveiled. Also, as the performance of computers have made tremendous progress, more accurate and more efficient numerical methods have been developed and numerical simulations employing large-scale computations are providing powerful tools for practical problems.

When developing a new model, verification by means of mathematical analysis and numerical computation has become essential. The interpretation by theoretical analysis, detailed analysis based on numerical computations, and the comparison of these with experiments, altogether guide the modification of the model. At the same time, the cooperation of these three are important for establishing the model.

We have been sponsoring or co-sponsoring conferences and symposia in the hope of encouraging people involved in mathematical sciences and engineering mathematics in various fields to interact. Indeed, the role played by mathematical sciences and engineering mathematics in the progress of science and technology is immense. We are looking forward to playing a central role as bridges between various fields through mathematics.

Therefore, we cordially call your attention to our society, JSIAM.

Activities of the society

We are involved in the following activities in order to activate applied and industrial mathematics in the academia as well as in the industry, and to contribute to the progress of this field.

  1. Periodical publications
    • Bulletin of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathnematics (Quarterly, in Japanese)
    • Transactions of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Quarterly, in Japanese)
    • Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Three times a year, in English)
    • JSIAM Letters (Electronic journal, in English)

  2. Publishing "Series: Applied Mathematics" books (in Japanese).

  3. Holding two conferences per year.

  4. Holding lectures, tutorials and symposia etc.

  5. Research activity groups. : Details can be found below.

  6. Exchanges between the academia and the industry.

  7. International exchange.

  8. Encouragement of research and researchers, research awards, activities aimed at promoting research results, etc.

Activity Groups

At present, JSIAM has the following activity groups.

  1. Algorithmic Number Theory and Its Applications
  2. Applied Chaos
  3. Applied and Computational Mathematics in Industry
  4. Applied Integrable Systems
  5. Mathematical Aspects on Continuum Mechanics
  6. Discrete Systems
  7. Formal Approach to Information Security
  8. Machine Learning
  9. Mathematical Design
  10. Mathematical Finance
  11. Mathematical Medicine
  12. Mathematical Politics
  13. Matrix Computation
  14. Mesh Generation and CAE
  15. Origami Engineering
  16. Quality of Computation
  17. Scientific Computation and Numerical Analysis
  18. Wavelet
  19. Young researchers
  20. Setouchi-rim JSIAM Local Research Group

The number of groups is expected to increase in the future.

Affiliated Societies: International

JSIAM is a member society of ICIAM (International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics), which holds ICIAM (International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics) every four years. ICIAM 2011 will be held in July in Vancouver.

Affiliated Societies: Domestic

JSIAM is a registered academic society in the Japan Council of Science (JCS). JSIAM has established close relationships with many academic societies in Japan. A member of one of these societies can join JSIAM without charge of admission fee. Detailed information can be obtained from the JSIAM Office.


At present, JSIAM has around 1900 members, mainly Japanese. In order to apply for membership, please contact the JSIAM Office (see below).


The office of the Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics is located at

4F, Gakkai Center Building
2-4-16, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
113-0032 Japan
fax. +81-3-5684-8663

For notifying your address change, please contact the address below:

JSIAM section, Nissei Eblo Inc.
5-20-4, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004
Tel. +81-3-5733-5151, Fax +81-3-5733-5164

Information on JSIAM in Japanese can be obtained from